Why checking your web copy is more important than ever

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Don't look back in anger - check you're sharing accurate business information.


In times of change and uncertainty, we know that our copy cannot Live Forever without a little makeover from time to time.

So, in a month that sees Oasis celebrate twenty-five years of their album Definitely Maybe, I conducted an external audit on twenty random websites for Sussex based hospitality businesses.

I wanted to see how the global crisis may have curdled website copy, impacting the accuracy of basic business details as well as listed products and services.

It soon became reality that some businesses have left their copy behind in a time where the prediction of a pandemic would cause nothing more than a collective shrug of the shoulders.

And I don’t blame you, either. With the world upside-down, most of us don’t have the mental bandwidth to manage the day-to-day operations of our business as well as finding the time to update our website.

But it’s not too late to get your online game back on track!

Here are some simple checks that are worth your time…

Has your programme changed?

Here’s a frustrating scenario.

Someone clicks on your website to see you’re advertising live music seven nights a week.

They decide to make the journey to your pub – enthusiastically whistling Wonderwall on the way – only to discover your pub’s stage is now being used to house a socially distanced table for two.

But they didn’t know, and now they’re in your venue revisiting your website on their smart phone, second guessing what they thought they read.

The agitated customer then asks to speak to the manager and, before you know it, you’re apologising in hope of deterring a harmful Google review.

Let’s slowdown a little!

This scenario can be easily avoided.

First, check what you’re advertising online. Has your programme survived the pandemic or has it been forced to change to accommodate imposed opening hours?

Maybe you’re a family-run Italian restaurant known for your late-night pizza, but now you’re offering a brand-new breakfast menu to make the most of every trading hour.

Or maybe you’re a late-night music venue who have temporarily morphed into a quirky, lunchtime watering-hole in a bid to maximise afternoon trading.

Whatever the situation, by updating your copy, you’re telling the online community you care about your business by offering some much needed assurance amidst all the uncertainty.

Have you checked your local business information?

By now, we all know pubs and restaurants are forced to close their doors at 10pm. But sharing this information with Google is still worth your while.

Out of the twenty hospitality businesses websites audited, only three had updated their opening hours. Three!

Keeping your local business information accurate and relevant will help search engines point customers in the right direction. So, if you’ve started to open your doors earlier, let the online community know about it!

Apart from that, inaccuracies can turn into scepticism, and scepticism can be corrosive for any business. Protecting your business integrity with this quick and simple update is a no-brainer!

To Conclude…

Nothing lasts forever.

You have to keep on top of your copy’s relevance and accuracy if you want people to take your business seriously.

So, if you’re going to keep your website performing through these transformative times, spend an hour or two on a copy health-check.

If you haven’t got the time to check your website copy, feel free to check out our very affordable makeover service.


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