Keyboard and Mouse

Here’s what happened when a web developer found a copywriter through a love for Bernese mountain dogs

“Tom is professional and personable - exactly the type of business I like to work with."

Adam Spencer, Director

ASio Web Development

Who are ASio?

If you’re someone who appreciates properly functioning websites (and Bernese mountain dogs), ASio is probably the web developer for you.

In 2020, Adam decided to go it alone, setting up as a freelancer who ‘thoughtfully engineers’ websites for clients across all corners of Sussex.

As you can tell from his about page, he’s a “little nerdy” when it comes to technology, spending a great deal of his youth taking things apart to understand how they operated.

But this only plays to his strengths when it comes to developing super responsive, bespoke websites. 

So, if you need a hand with your website, it’s worth giving Adam a call.


What did ASio need?

With the Lockdown trilogy giving business owners the time to rethink their online presence, Adam asked me to give his copy a digital makeover.

He wanted to develop his tone of voice, adding a friendly and personable warmth to his website that’s vastly different from what we might expect in the world of ‘geek speak’.

We also wanted to make sure the copy didn’t isolate any readers by using mind-boggling acronyms or complex techy words that don’t compute with your average reader. (People just like me.)

No problem, let’s get to it!

What I did.

A few days after Adam and I found each other through a love for Bernese mountain dogs, we had a briefing where I could find out more about Adam, his business, and his story.

We discussed the project in-depth: profiling our target audience, calls to action, headings, layout, tone of voice…everything. 

No half-baked briefs over here, thank you very much.

And because Adam is a web designer (as well as a developer), I had the added luxury of working with him to firm up what each page would look like and where the copy would sit.

Any copywriter’s dream, you might say.

Need a hand with your copy?